Our construction and architectural technicians have extensive experience in their field of expertise. They provide advice to Band Councils who wish to undertake a construction project. They offer the following services:

  • Conduct compliance inspections of homes and community buildings;
  • Make information available relating to the Building Code and to inform members of our communities on measures to be taken before construction;
  • Provide cost estimates for community projects;
  • Submit preliminary conceptual sketches for homes and community buildings;
  • Provide assistance in the preparation of orders and bid analysis of tenders.
Our team

Construction Technician

A member of the community of Kitigan Zibi, Douglas Odjick is the Construction Technician. After operating his own construction company, he joined the Tribal Council in 1997 and is responsible for ensuring construction consulting services to the AANTC’s Anglophone communities.

To reach Douglas, call 819-449-1225 or email  dougo@anishinabenation.ca

Architectural Technician

René Boulet, Architectural Technologist, joined Tribal Council in 1998. Responsible for AANTC’s Francophone communities, he knows the peculiarities of each and he is able to propose solutions adapted to the specific environment of each community.

To contact René, call 819-449-1225 or email reneb@anishinabenation.ca