of the Algonquin Nation

Some famous Algonquins    

This section of our website is about some of the Algonquin personalities that made their mark in the history of the Algonquin Nation. This section is not complete and we invite readers to suggest other names or to submit a text on a personality that has accomplished something exceptional in the history of their community.

These texts can be sent to this email address: georgesl@anishinabenation.ca .

Before the arrival of Europeans 

At the arrival of the first Europeans, the Algonquin Nation occupied a wide area extending from the “Trois-Rivières” region to Hudson Bay to the west near the Great Lakes. Each tribe had its own identity; however, they all identified themselves as members of the Anishinabeg family. Writings by Champlain in 1613 and religious groups who followed mention  some of the communities that formed this great nation. Unfortunately many were decimated by diseases brought by Europeans and wars against the Iroquois and Mohawks due to the fur trade.

In roughly 50 years between 1640 and the end of the century, thousands died and those who survived owed their survival to their great ability to disappear into the most remote forests and dangerous rivers. Below some of these groups are described by early explorers.


Before the arrival of the Europeans