Anicinape de Kitcisakik Community

Anicinape de Kitcisakik Community

Languages :
Algonquin, French
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Address :

Anicinape de Kitcisakik Community
P.O. box 5206
Val d'Or, Quebec
J9P 7C6

Phone :
(819) 736-3001
Fax :
(819) 736-3012




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The Anicinape community of Kitcisakik has always lived since time immemorial on their ancestral lands in the La Vérendrye wildlife reserve at the mouth of the Ottawa River and the Grand Lac Victoria.

Currently, the community of Kitcisakik has no permanent installation such as running water, electricity and basic sanitation. However, steps are currently underway with the Government of Quebec and Canadian authorities to build a permanent village with modern infrastructures.

Before 2010, children from the age of five years old were forced to exile in Val d'Or which is located 120 kilometers from their village and live in family pension from Sunday to Friday to go to school. The opening of Mikizisec elementary school in 2010 helped to end this situation for the youngest, but high school students always need travel to pursue their studies.

The community is governed by a Band council composed of a Chief and three councilors elected according to local custom. The members of the Kitcisakik community have long been considered as "squatters" on their own territory and do not have reserve status under the Indian Act.

The current population is composed of 483 members.

Anicinape de Kitcisakik Community