Long Point First Nation (Winneway)

Long Point First Nation (Winneway)

Languages :
Algonquin, English, French
Population :


Address :
Long Point First Nation
P.O. Box 1, 112 Kakinwawigak Mikana
Winneway, Québec
J0Z 2J0
Phone :
(819) 722-2441
Fax :
(819) 722-2579




Community profile :

Long Point First Nation is one of the nine (9) communities of the Algonquin Nation in Quebec. The name "Long Point" was used in the late 19th century by the Hudson Bay Company when they had a trading post under the French form "Longue Pointe" and by the Fathers Oblates who had a mission there. The name Winneway could mean "running water" but some believe that it is a malformation of the Algonquin word "winnewash" which means "the bay of troubled waters". The habitants of Long Point First Nation called themselves "Winnewayinini" in Algonquin. The church that preceded the actual establishment of the territory was near the trading post. When the three small villages were joined in the 1950's, the church (mission) was relocated under the name Winneway. The primary languages used by the community members are Algonquin and English. The community’s local administration is operated by the Long Point First Nation Council of Winneway.

The Community of Long Point First Nation carries the name of Winneway. It is situated on the south shore of the Winneway River, 114 kilometres east from Ville-Marie, a small town in Temicamingue. The coverage of the territory is approximately 37.84 hectares.

The community offers certain services to its members including a elementary school, a secondary school, a youth centre, an elder centre, a community centre and a fire department.

Point First Nation (Winneway)