Your Representatives Need You

The Algonquin territory is vast and the communities are remote from one another, which means that communications with the elected members of the Nation are limited. Your representatives on the Anishinabeg Council need to know your opinion on major issues affecting our Nation. Please inform us of the issues that are important to you.

Nigan Ogima mindjidwewin / Message from the Grand chief

As a representative of the great Algonquin Nation, it is my pleasure to carry your voice wherever I wear my moccasins. The challenges ahead are many, and resources are often limited. That is why this page is very useful for me to share with you our actions and our intentions with regards to our members. I would like to keep in touch with you and I invite you to send me your comments and views on all topics that you feel are important for the Nation.

Do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address vernap@anishinabenation.ca or by mail at 81 Kichi Mikan, Kitigan-Zibi, QC, J9E 3C3.

Kichi migwetch kakina

Verna Polson

Kanabishkawadj Nigan Ogima mindjidwewin / Vice Grand Chief


Tibàdjimodj ikwewan ekidonidj / Women's representative


Weskinigidjig ekidowadj / Youth Representative

Youth plays an important role in the Algonquin Nation because they represent the future of the Nation. Elected in 2012 to represent the views of our young people, Kim McDougal is a young mother from Pikogan. It is with enthusiasm that she has undertaken the difficult task of bringing the perspective of the young people to the chiefs and representatives of the Nation. In order to bring their point of view, Kim needs to have input from the youth of our communities.

Do not hesitate to write her to submit your comments and suggestions to the following address: jeunes-youth@anishinabenation.ca or by mail at 81 Kichi Mikan, Kitigan-Zibi, QC, J9E 3C3.

Tibàdjimodj Kichi-ayan ekidonidj / Elder's Representative

Pierre Papatie is a respected community member of Lac Simon. Since 2008, Mr. Papatie has served as the Elders’ Representative on the political council of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council. The role of Mr. Papatie is to raise the concerns and the elders’ perspective in the decisions of the political council.

To express yourself and make your views known to your representative, write to ainés-elders@anishinabenation.ca  or by mail at 81 Kichi Mikan, Kitigan-Zibi, QC, J9E 3C3.